We provide disinfection and sanitation services to help you maintain a clean and safe home and office environment. Call your local representative today to see how we can improve the health and safety of your indoor space!

Vision & Values

Vision & Values

Unconditional Customer Satisfaction!

Since 1977, Roto-Static franchise professionals have provided the highest quality services to homeowners and businesses in Canada. With superior products, comprehensive training and a commitment to service excellence, Roto-Static franchises back up their claims with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Quite simply, if a customer is not happy with a cleaning, we will refund 100% of their money, no hassles. Does it happen often? Absolutely not! We stand by our customers and our customers have a loyalty level that is unrivaled in the cleaning industry.

Peace of Mind

When you call a new service provider, you are generally inviting a stranger into your personal space. With Roto-Static, customers have the peace of mind in knowing that our franchises are honest men and woman from their own community. Well trained, nationally insured, and above all, neighbors who are respectful of your valuable property. We don't allow just anyone to become a Roto-Static franchise owner. In fact, our standards are extremely high. When you deal with a Roto-Static franchisee, you can rest assured that you are dealing with not only the best, but also the most trustworthy!

Our Commitment to the Environment
Roto-Static International is now Solar powered!

July 26th, 2017 marked an important milestone in the continued evolution of Advanced Technical Research Inc. and Roto-Static International. As part of our commitment to the environment, we've installed a rooftop solar power array to reduce our environmental footprint and help reduce hydrocarbon emissions.

On July 26th, Greg Inkster, President of Roto-Static, threw the switch connecting the new 221,000 watt rooftop solar power array to the province's electrical grid. Now, not only are all of Roto-Static International's electrical requirements met by solar power, the new rooftop solar array actually produces 42% more electrical power than our operations consume!