We provide disinfection and sanitation services to help you maintain a clean and safe home and office environment. Call your local representative today to see how we can improve the health and safety of your indoor space!


A message from our president:

With an aging population, an ever-increasing trend toward 2-income families, increasingly more hectic lifestyles and of course, a renewed awareness that a clean environment is a safe environment, Roto-Static offers prospective franchisees a tremendous opportunity to fill an increasing consumer need.

Over the last 35 years, Roto-Static has succeeded in securing long-lasting relationships with individuals who want to achieve the lifestyle that business ownership provides. Flexible hours; high hourly income (often in the hundreds of dollars per hour); personal freedom; financial independence and a sense of accomplishment are just some of the rewards that our franchisees enjoy. The Roto-Static opportunity has proven so rewarding that many of our franchisees have been with us for over 25 years, even passed on their businesses to their children.

Our training program; a selection of profitable services; and a management team that values input from the franchise network makes our program unique!

If you believe that you have the desire and work ethic to succeed in the lucrative multi-services industry, contact us for a confidential discussion. No hype, but rather an honest and sound opportunity. Much more than cleaning, this is about being part of a network of professionals meeting the needs of consumers at the highest level!

Greg Inkster, President