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Why Roto-Static

Why RotoStatic?

Making entrepreneurs successful since 1977

Since 1977, we have helped people realize their dreams of financial independence and success. With a Roto-Static franchise, you are in business for yourself, not by yourself.

Customized training program

Over many years, we have developed our training programs from practical experience... not just theory! Our technical knowledge is extensive and our business training will help you achieve the success you desire. Our experience, knowledge, proven marketing concepts and materials combined with our franchisee friendly training techniques makes Roto-Static a wise choice.

A Home-based business with low overheads

Although many of our franchisees have chosen to operate their businesses from commercial offices, most have started from home. In doing so, their overhead costs are minimized and profits are maximized! An ideal business with low overhead costs.

Solid profits in the multi-services industry

Unlike many traditional businesses, the service industry is truly profit-oriented. With low overheads and multiple profit centers, your business is truly in demand. With an aging population with more disposable income than generations before, what was previously done by the do-it-yourselfer, is now being booked with service providers like Roto-Static. High demand today and tomorrow.

Protected territories

We do not believe that franchises should compete against one another. We make it a practice to have only one franchise in any given territory. Franchisees working in neighbouring territories promote your business and don't compete with it!

Long term franchise agreement (7 years with an option for 2 additional 7 year terms)

We believe in long-term relationships and we want you to profit from your successful business. Since your return on investment is tied directly to the term of the agreement, longer is better! This is why our agreements offer an initial 7 year term plus two more options for additional 7 year terms! You need a long-term commitment and we provide it!

Multiple profit centres for only one franchise fee

A Roto-Static, we have one franchise fee with multiple product and service profit centres! This results in additional revenue, greater profits and more clients.

Our franchise support systems

We believe in being in business for yourself, not by yourself. At Roto-Static we put this belief into practice. We make it a practice that any major policy decisions are reviewed and approved by our franchise advisory council, a voluntary group of our franchisees that help our network be the best. Our management team works with our franchises toward the betterment of the overall program.

Services that will stay in demand

There will always be a demand for quality products and services. With an aging and more affluent population, more and more consumers will turn to professional service providers like Roto-Static for their needs. Corporate customers are increasingly aware that hiring a high performance contractor is in their company's best interest. For decades, Roto-Static has demonstrated its leadership role in the service industry.

A marketing program that is proven and successful

Since 1977, we have developed and perfected effective marketing programs. They are affordable and they work!