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Roto-Static has over 35 years of experience in the commercial carpet cleaning business. Whether your facility is 200,000 square feet or 2,000, Roto-Static has the skills, technology and processes to restore, enhance and maintain your commercial carpeting to the highest level.

The advantages of hiring a Roto-Static professional for your commercial carpet cleaning needs are numerous. The exclusive Roto-Static products are proven, safe, and designed for maximum performance. Enhanced appearance; reduced re-soiling; longer carpet service life; improved indoor air quality and convenient fast drying times (often as little as 30 minutes) are just a few of the benefits Roto-Static can offer. We’re expert specialists in carpet cleaning and because of this our results are exceptional. The service life of your carpeting can be maximized with Roto-Static, effectively reducing the annualized cost for future carpeting- a major economic advantage!

Our exclusive high performance carpet cleaning processes give our franchise professionals the capability necessary to address all your needs so you can have the confidence of knowing you’re getting the best results. Our commercial clients love the fact that our professionals take the work out of managing your carpet cleaning and maintenance. We’ll take care of every aspect of the process, from completing a detailed assessment of the scope of the work required; developing complete maintenance programs and establishing schedule times to complete the work when it is convenient for you.

Our franchise professionals adhere to national standards, are fully insured, and participate in ongoing training and education programs. Simply put, Roto-Static is the company that people who know call for quality service.

Give your facility the exceptional results that define the ultimate in cleaning, enhance your company’s image and reduce costs. Contact your local Roto-Static professional today!

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