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  • 30 Years of Service
    30 Years of Service
  • Certified Carpet Specialist
    Certified Carpet Specialist
  • Certified Odour Removal Specialist
    Certified Odour Removal Specialist
  • Certified Upholstery Specialist
    Certified Upholstery Specialist

Roto-Static carpet cleaning has been cleaning carpets, furniture, offices and homes for the last 34 years in the Greater Halifax Dartmouth Regional Municipality. Because of our level of service and quality workmanship, our customers will tell you that they would be happy to hire us again for any of their cleaning needs. Roto-Static Halifax works hard to deliver an exceptionally high level of service while maintaining a close relationship with all of our clients both new and old. We are delighted to announce that we have achieved an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau!


Franchise Owner Profile: Bruce and Marylin Havill

Thank you for taking the time to be introducted to Roto-Static Cleaning Services, a company which I have owned in the metro area for over 34 years. There are approximately one hundred Roto-Static dealerships from coast to coast, and this Canadian company has just celebrated its Fortieth year in the industry.

Our primary service is the area of carpet cleaning, where I believe we offer the very best system available. Since we do not put water or steam into carpets, the drying time is reduced from the frequent eight to forty-eight hours, to a very fast one or two hours in almost every situation. The benefits derived from this one feature alone are numerous. Our other services are: upholstery cleaning, ceiling and wall cleaning, sheer drapery cleaning, flood and odour removal.

Our non-allergenic/environmentally friendly cleaning solutions can be used in any situation, even around people who are highly sensitive. To date, there has not been one instance of a negative physical reaction as a result of our cleaning. Since our system leaves no soap or shampoo residues, our customers have discovered that their carpets require less frequent cleaning when compared with other systems.

Since cleaning results speak for themselves, we are pleased to offer a free demonstration for you. Then you will have had an opportunity to objectively review the straight-forward claims which I have made. As a business owner, I understand that we must also be price competitive in order to attract new customers like yourself. This is also true for maintaining our relationships with our many current customers. At any time I would be willing to provide estimates for any upcoming work that you are considering.






Bruce J. Havill


Brenda Roscoe - Southwest Property Management (902)229-7628

Graeme Higgs - Network Property Management (902)830-0798

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