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Cleaning Canada's Carpet's Since 1977

Roto-Static's nationwide network of expert professionals have been helping quality-oriented consumers benefit from healthy and beautiful indoor environments since 1977. Over 35 years later, our clients still enjoy the same trusted and reliable service that delivers the highest standard of quality.

The Roto- Static story

In 1977 Roto-Static revolutionized the carpet cleaning industry by offering a method that not only left carpets drier than the traditional "steam cleaning" processes used back then, but also without leaving harmful dirt attracting residues behind. The positive benefits are better appearance; no danger of carpet shrinkage; fast drying times (often under an hour); and carpets and upholstery stay cleaner longer.

Today, Roto-Static still delivers these proven benefits with the highest standards of quality through its network of certified professionals. Performance minded facility managers and quality-oriented homeowners nationwide turn to Roto-Static to provide them with exceptional results and reliable service.